Valve is working on three VR titles

Valve Working On Three VR Titles

Gabe Newell recently had an interview with Eurogamer and revealed that his company is currently working on three full VR games.

Newell stated that they’re not building “experiments” and that these will be “full games” instead. These new projects are being built in Source 2 and Unity. He also confirmed that Valve did port Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress into VR format however, this was just for a “developer milestone”. Newell stated that they had no plans for releasing these games in VR.

No details about these upcoming VR games was revealed in the interview. It’s unknown if Valve is creating new IP’s or if these games are from existing Valve gamer series such as Portal or Team Fortress. The upcoming games have been confirmed to be full games however.

Valve will reveal these new games at a later date. It’s possible that Valve will unveil them at the PC Gamer Show during E3 later this year.

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