Squad Alpha 9 Update Set to Add Lots of New Vehicles

Squad Alpha 9 Update

There’s a large new update coming soon to Squad, the immensely tough shooter. The update has a ton of content coming with it. Mainly a whole host of new vehicles for the different factions.

New Insurgent Vehicles

  • Minsk 400 Motorbike
  • MTLB armed with PKT turret
  • BRDM-2

New Militia Vehicles

  • MTLB armed with NSV
  • MTLB armed with 30mm cannon
  • BRDM-2 and BTR-80

New Russian Vehicles

  • BTR-82A
  • As MTLB armed with NSVT or 30mm cannon
  • Ural 4320

New US Army Vehicles

  • Stryker ICV

There have also been big changes to the way Forward Operating Bases (FOB’s) work, from the official blog:

Big changes has arrived to how Forward Operating Bases function. We are finally moving towards the intended vision of the FOB. The Radio is still the hub of the FOB, but no longer a spawn point.

You will have to now construct a spawn point near the radio. This spawn point offers limited protection and the ability to be put in a different place than the FOB radio.

These spawn points, “HABs” (short for HESCO Accommodation Bunkers) or “Hideouts”, will be quite visible and have a large footprint. It will be substantially harder to hide a FOB in a bush, and it will need to be defended and fortified to ensure that your team can be reinforced. A FOB is now, more than ever, a legitimate objective on the map.”


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