Let’s Play | Stardew Valley | Part One Humble Beginnings

Hello and welcome to my new let’s play series Stardew Valley. Lets get going!


You’ve inherited your grandfather’s old farm plot in Stardew Valley. Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you set out to begin your new life. Can you learn to live off the land and turn these overgrown fields into a thriving home?

Here we go then, Mr High End living on Highend farm. What a beautiful vision. This is the first time I have played Stardew Valley or any game of this genre, so you may have to bare with me. Many horticultural cock ups may be made!


The essential story line is that your grandad leaves you the deeds to his old farm as a gift. You become too worn down with modern day life and decide to leave it all behind and decide to go and run this farm.

Welcome to High End Farm, a vision of weeds, rocks and trees. Looks like grandad high end has let things slip a little.

This is the insdide of my home that you can see in the above picture. I haven’t really discovered what this is used for yet bar sleeping. Although one of the NPC’s I met in the games introduction mentioned something about home upgrades so looks like there will be plenty going on in the future here.

Time to get clearing. A hard days graft clearing away the overgrowth and things are looking up. I’ve grabbed a few resources from the trees I’ve chopped down and the shrubbery I have cleared. So far so good, looks like I was born to be a farmer.

Here I have begun work on the structure of my farm laying some walkways. I also figured out you refill your watering can from the pond at the bottom of this screenshot, call me Mr Greenfingers.

What a start to my farming career, past out from exhaustion in my own field. If the embarrassment alone wasn’t enough the cheeky git Dr. Harvey charged me 50g in medical expenses from what I can only guess involved carrying me 20 feet into my bed.

After being fleeced by the local Dr I decided to give farming a rest for a day and wander into town to meet the friendly locals. First person I meet turns out to be a real people person, nice to meet you to Shane, you purple haired cock.

After coming to the conclusion everyone in town is out to insult me or take advantage of me when I’m passed out from exhaustion I head back to the relative comfort of my farm. Time to grow some beautiful little parsnips with my starting seeds.

Although my Grandad moved here to make real connections with both the people and the land I’m definitely making more land based connections. After a hard mornings graft in torrential rain ive tilled out some more soil ready for new crops. Monty Don would be proud.

With my land ready for seeds i reluctantly decide its time to head back into town to buy some to sow. Rushing through the streets avoiding eye contact with the hudlums that seem to infest this place I make it to the local store. I decide to buy a variety of seeds and get some beans, cauliflowers and potatoes. I excitedly rush back to my farm ready to really get going.

Turns out that even for 60g you only get one bean plant, food is going to have to sell for stupid money here or I may be bankrupted within my first few days. I trudge back into town and empty my wallet to buy enough seeds to start filling up my farm.

Thats all for this time folks, check back soon to see how the farm develops.

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