Herald: An Interactive Period Drama Review

Herald: An Interactive Period Drama Review


In Herald you are Devan Rensburg, a man of mixed heritage living in an alternate 1857, in a world divided by race, class and culture. In search of your roots, you booked passage on board of the Herald, a ‘Protectorian’ ship set for the eastern colonies. During your voyage, news of colonial unrest create tensions between the crew and passengers. Months later you alone are dragged ashore. No ship, no crew. All that remains is you, your journal and a captain’s coat you were wearing. A mysterious woman is holding you captive and demands you tell her what happened to ‘your’ ship. What you tell her, is your choice.

Wispfire the developers behind Herald come from a background in both game design and theatre. The influence this has on Herald really shows, it is a brilliant twisting story that is expertly delivered. The game has a fully voiced story (over 3000 lines!) with a diverse branching story line. The voice acting is superb, some much much larger developers could learn a thing or two from Wispfire *Cough* Bethesda *Cough*

The world is engrossing and believable, the characters likeable or intolerable depending on the decisions you make. I really enjoyed my short time with this game, and that is its one downfall, it is short. 2-4 hours depending on how quick you like to play and how much or how little exploring you do. But they are hours well spent, you can tell this game has been crafted by developers with a real passion for what they are making.

For an indie studio releasing their first game on steam it is incredibly well polished. Even though I was playing a pre release review version I encountered no major bugs. The art style is perfect and the animated character portraits are brilliant.

If you like point and click adventure games then you will surely love Herald, my only gripe is I wish it was longer. There is however an expansion to come to complete Devan’s story and I personally cannot wait!

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