Halo Wars 2 Demo is coming to PC

Halo Wars 2 Demo is coming to PC

Halo Wars 2 recently lauched for PC and Xbox One. Microsoft has announced today that everyone would have a chance to test the game before they buy it.

A demo for Halo Wars 2 has just been released for Xbox One and will be coming to Windows 10 PC very soon. Microsoft has confirmed that the demo will let players fight through the first mission in the campaign. It also allows players to test the new Blitz mode where the player can fight against waves of AI using one of two pre-built decks.

All Xbox live Gold members can begin exploring the Halo Wars 2 demo while PC players will need to wait a little bit longer. Microsoft hasn’t announced when the demo will be made available for PC but the blog post says it’s “coming soon”.

Hopefully Microsoft will release the demo for PC over the next few weeks.

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