Conan Exiles Patch Released

Funcom have today released a patch to address a few issues with Conan Exiles.



  • Removed network congestion from big buildings, reducing lag
  • Disabled random NPC taunts during combat
  • Fixed an issue with some players getting stuck after character creation
  • Fixed a bug where loading screens disappear (showing main menu or the world)
  • Fixed incorrect settings on port values for servers, making it less likely you will be disconnected when entering a new server
  • Added a “Show full servers” checkbox to the server window
  • Introduced a possible fix for building pieces not loading properly
  • Graphics driver check on startup, encouraging you to update if needed
  • Several other minor tweaks and improvements
  • Fixed thralls resetting on server restart. The issue occured if people picked up then placed their thralls again. They weren’t being saved.

We thank you for your patience as we continue to improve and update Conan Exiles.

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